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About company

GLASS HOUSE LLC has started to business as an importer of glass and mirror from the world famous manufacturers in 2000

From 2005 the production line of satin and decorative acid etched glass has been set up and started.
Starting from 2007, with the increase in the demand for glass both in construction and architecture, the company has heavily invested in number of cutting-edge technologies and acquired modern, sophisticated glass tempering line and many other machines from landmarks of the industry like Glaston, Finland and Glaston, Italy by the means of which the range of the goods offered by the company has increased and diversified.
A bit later, in 2010 the glass laminating line from the world famous manufacturers like Bovone and Maroso has been set-up and put into operation, the technology which had no analogues to the moment of initiation.
Later, in 2010, the insulated glass unit production line capable of production of multifunctional glass units by Lenhard-Bystronic, Germany has been put into operation. At the moment, aside of this production line there is a second one in operation from Forel, Italy which has added the capacity to overall volume of our factory.
For last few years, the company has increased the capacity and the range of its production facility by adding more and more new machines and technologies count in favor of increase if not to say more, in the production capacity and diversity of final products that it can make, especially by adding Jumbo sized cutting line and tempering furnace into the list.
The year 2019 has been another achievement for the company as it could finalize the installation and run the production of organic dye and ceramic dye painted glasses after the acquisition of the appropriate production line from Giardinagroup, Italy.
Our profile is rich and thorough as we are experts in lots of diverse projects, be it skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, banks, outlets or any other project, we are a one-stop partner for any complex solution, be it a regular glass sheet with coating or insulated glass unit with all modern features present, they all are available at hand.
Nowadays the QLASS HAUS LLC, aside of being the biggest factory of Azerbaijan in terms of the fabrication of glass products and the processing of the glass, regularly renews its production park with cutting-edge technologies and machines.